1. Disclaimer

    1. By playing the game, from this moment forward, you agree to these rules and any rules that get changed or posted in the future.
    2. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, with or without notice.
  2. Game Play.

    1. First and most important rules are playing fair, and having fun. Don't insult other, and respect everyone in the game from players till staff.
    2. We are going to allow more than 1 account one same IP. BUT WE DON'T ALLOW MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT PER PLAYER!. But the maximum is 2 accounts. Though, any interference between those two accounts will result in a ban:
      • Wiring gold (What ever the sum is)
      • Selling to each others.
    3. We will never accept anyone exploiting bugs, if you catch any bug in the game, it's forbidden to use it for your own benefit. If any one is caught using a bug, he's going to be banned permanent. Any bug caught, please use the contact link at the top of the window, and tell the administrators DIRECLTY.
    4. Switching account is accepted, BUT, if you switch an account with any other player, both players should change their passwords, and you're not allowed to take control of your old account what ever the reasons are, and administrators should always be contacted before switching else we have the right to ban you for not telling us.
    5. Recruitments links are useful to get more soldiers. For each click you get 1 more soldier, and you are allowed to send those links to all your friends, through any chat client you'd like to use UNLESS it's against the rules where you want to pass it.
    6. When a new age starts, you're allowed to change your race for 1 week, without having to reset. If 1 week pass after the new age starts, and you'd like to change your race, you're going to have to reset you're account. If you want to change any race, you can use the Contact link on the top, or send a mail to rapacity, or tiger45 in the game, or on the IRC channel.
    7. You're not allowed to share your password with anyone other than yourself, so no one is allowed to ask any other player or any friend to bank for him. Each account should be played by one and only one players at a time.
    8. Playing an account for trading with others in another game, or for financial gain, is going to be banned directly, if you want to play the game, play it right, and don't ask anyone to trade something else in other games, or real money for BK money.
    9. No Auto-Programs are allowed to be used such as Auto-Banker, Auto-Attacker, Auto-Saber, Auto-Refresher, or a program to catch sells. This is totally forbidden, and is going to be punished.
    10. Attemting to cause harm to the CodeALife server is prohibited, and going to be punished directly.
    11. Repeatedly refreshing pages with or without the intention to slow the server is going to be punished as well.
  3. Administrators.

    1. Administrators are there to help you all, and to keep the game fair, if you want to get in touch with any of the staff, the fastest way is to use the contact link at the top of that page, or to Message any one of them in-game, and the third way is to come to our IRC server and get to the chat room (#burningkingdoms) and get in touch with them.
    2. If you spam the contact link, or any of the staff (Administrators or Moderators) you're going to be punished by banning, or suspending.
  4. Changes, end of the age.

    1. BK team is always going to say when an age is going to end. Please, do not keep asking any staff about the exact time of the age ending time, because we're always going to say it some time before the end. We always like to end the age when we're sure that we're going to be able to be there to end the age properly.
    2. Any changes that happens in the game is going to be posted in the homepage, so nothing is going to be hidden from all of you.