Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is BK?

    BK is the abbreviation of the word: Burning Kingdoms. BK is a MMORPG game coded and owned by rapacity. It's moderated by some of the CodeALife network Staff.
  2. How/Can I change my race?

    Yes you can change your race; the way to do this is to contact one of the two persons: rapacity or tiger45.
  3. I forgot my password, what can/should I do?

    If you ever forget your password, you have to use the contact link at the top of the page, and send the moderators of the game a message, putting in the message a way to contact you, and some informations about your account so we can make sure it's you the real owner of the account. If you don't put any info for being able to contact you later, we will just ignore your message. The other way to do that, is to go to our IRC channel, and ask us directly for help.
  4. What is the armory?

    The armory is the place where to buy weapons to equip your army, and get better stats hence better rank.
  5. What is TFF?

    TFF is your Total Fighting Forces; The TFF is calculated without adding the Farmers numbers to it.
  6. What is Kingdom Population?

    The kingdom population is the TFF plus the farmers.
  7. How do I attack someone?

    For attacking another player, you have to go to their profile through the battlefield. When you're there, you see a button named Attack, you click on it, which takes you to the Attack Page, where you put how many turns you want to attack with, and attack.
  8. What are those attack turns?

    Attack turns are used to pillage someone else's army. To attack someone, you have to have at least 5 attack turns to do the maximum damage you want. You get 1 turn each 15 minutes.
  9. What is TBG?

    TBG is your Turn Based Gold, It's the primary source of your gold for you army. You get your income each 15 minutes once.
  10. What is the UP?

    UP is your Unit Production, It's the option that let you get more soldiers each 1 hour. Depending on your UP level, you'll get (UP level)*10 units each 1 hour.
  11. Is there any limit for the upgrade levels?

    No there's no limits for the upgrade levels, though each time you upgrade, the price will go up, so further you get upgrade, the more cost it will be.
  12. What is the market?

    The market is where all the sold weapons go to. They will be cheaper there. And each random time, there are some unique items that appear in the market which are a bit more expensive, but more powerful, be fast, and get them the first.
  13. What is the bank?

    As you can see in your upgrade level, you have a bank upgrade, the bank upgrade let you save some of your income when you get them, depending on the level you have. Each 1 more level, 2% more income is saved. And 1 more feature is there too, you can wire gold to other players, and save your money held.
  14. I've heard about the community bonus, what's that? And how can I get it?

    The community bonus is a 20% more gold from your income. To get it, you have to go to our IRC chat room; #burningkingdoms; And you have to register your nick on the server, and to the game bot. If you need more help, contact any one you see there that can help you. It's better that he be a staff.
  15. Who are the staff of this game?

    The game is coded by one person which is rapacity. The game has two administrators and one moderator. One of the administrators has access to database to help the player when needed, which is tiger45. The other admin is bold-ally. The moderator is Liquid-.
  16. How can I contact you guys?

    As it has been said multiple times, the faster and easiest way to contact us is though the contact link on the top of this page. The other way is to contact one of the staff of this game in this game. Tiger45, bold-ally or Liquid-. You can send us a mail too (tiger45) (bold-ally) The last way is though the IRC. To see how you can contact us take a look at this link: